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Dating Moments is founded by Edmund & Jenny, a happily married and lovingly dating couple and co-owners of this credible, professional and service-oriented leading dating agency. With our members’ interest as top priorities, Dating Moments is always continuing to pursue better innovative ideas and communication platforms to cater to their requirements.




Qn: So what made you all decide to enter the dating industry?


ED: I’m always on a lookout for a business venture to pursue together with Jen which corresponds with our interests and suits our character and here we are.


JEN: Well, both Ed & I enjoy pairing up and matchmaking our friends so naturally we are both inclined to giving the dating industry a shot!


Qn: What makes the both of you suited to run the dating business?


JEN:  With a good understanding of how relationships works and how both genders communicate in their own ways, this allows me to prepare any potential matches for their dates much better. Coupled with the experience of meeting and interacting with people from all walks of life, this provides me with a solid foundation of how to assist singles in finding out about themselves and most importantly, where to look to find the right date.


ED: Having been in the banking/business development industry for so many years, I have a very good understanding of what the top directors and professionals are looking out for in their future partners and how difficult it can get meeting the right one amidst their busy schedules. With a strong business associates network, I’m able to link up these successful professionals across multiple industries and disciplines, increasing the overall probability of pairing up a good match.


Qn: Isn’t it difficult working with your partner in the same business?


ED: Good question! Of course there is going to be differences in the way both Jen & I handle matters. But that is also our greatest strength, having both the male and female views on a single subject matter allows us to understand our clients and members even better since now we have both sides of a coin.  


JEN: Both Ed & I have strengths that complements each other really well while managing the business. I am a really good listener and thoughts organizer while Ed is a very confident decision maker and this allows up to carry out our dating business activities more efficiently and effectively.


Qn: Do you think that the dating scene has changed over the years?


JEN:  Yes definitely. Over the years, people are fast warming up towards the idea of having dating agencies to introduce them to their potential matches and pre-arrange their dates for them. In fact, in some countries, there is an increasing trend that people are placing their full faith with dating agencies to assist them in finding good future partners due to imbalances in gender ratios and changing expectations which makes it very difficult to find the right one within your own social circle and without any external help.


ED: Of course. If you look at the current dating industry, you will find plenty of online and mobile  dating platforms which makes it more convenient for individuals to find their potential dates on their own. But with the coming of technology, there are also increased dangers in using these internet mediums, especially since you don’t really know the background and true purpose of the person asking you out on the date. To address this, there has to be a good balance between the usage of both traditional and online dating avenues just like our specially structured DM Meetme Dates. In  order to cater to the very busy professionals out there, we have also included a DM QuickDrop Service for them to deposit their personal profiles online for our DM Consultants to find them a suitable match.

Questions & Answers for Ed & Jen
Our DM Management

In order to ensure high standards of service levels, all Dating Practitioners of Dating Moments have to complete a comprehensive set of training provided by the Social Development Network (SDN) governed by the Ministry of Community, Youth & Sports of Singapore.


We serve an exclusive pool of members comprising of Singaporeans, Malaysians, HongKongers,  Singaporean PRs and Expatriates Professionals of various Nationalities in Asia and Europe  as well as various social network groups who are close friends of Dating Moments. Many of them are like-minded individuals who cherish opportunities to meet potential matches under a relaxed and natural dating moment setting.


Dating Moments offers both online dating platforms, traditional One-to-One personalised matching (DM Meetme Dates) as well as organizing events and group activities to cater to the successful singles in the different segments of the market.


Dating Moments is also the first in the industry to launch the CSR program of Dating Cares Coordination, a community initiative to link up dating activities while contributing to help out the less privilege at the same time.



Edmund’s Profile

Edmund is an energetic professional, with extensive banking/business development experience, working for various local and top global organizations in Singapore, Hong Kong and Switzerland. He majors in Economics and Statistics and holds a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) from the UK.


Edmund is also active in community work, having served in various voluntary welfare organisations. In his free time, Edmund enjoys working out in the gym with Jen, having a good game of badminton with his buddies and trying out the latest tech gadgets.  



Jenny’s Profile

Jenny is a creative, enthusiastic and highly-spirited individual who holds an Honours degree from NUS with a Post-Graduate diploma in Marketing from UK. Prior to starting out her own business, she has held various marketing and project management positions in the financial and services industries.


In her free time, Jenny enjoys meeting up with her friends for tea, reading the latest lifestyle trends, doing yoga relaxation, matchmaking both her own and Ed’s friends and spending time chit-chatting with her mum.



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